Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cracklington Haven 2009

What an attempt of trying to create my first ever castle/fort.
Just coming to the end of summer and I create this.

Along with the cool sun.

I even put the Cornish flag inside the castle to win the help and support from the Cornish people.

The fish jumping was only a mess around and practice attempt before the castle/fort.

These fish eye photos where taken by Drift Surfin Magazine. The writing of this online magazine gave me some water proof gear to help me on my way.

Creating these where a lot of fun and many people came to watch and learn how someone would have the patience to create such beauty.

The sunset was amazing here along with some of the things that happened also.

Thank you to everyone at Crackling Haven for having me and thank you to the lads on the wall. You where all amazing and showed me a lot of respect in what I was doing. Respect to you all my friends.

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