Thursday, 24 January 2013

Having Trouble

     Due to many setbacks in life and things going wrong again. The man cannot do what he set out to do. Yet I am an artist and not a homeless person. Even so many artists end up homeless due to things going wrong in their lifes. Not everyone can handle living with an artist because we all seem to get lost in our ways.
     Many people relapse in life and have to go through the hardship of loosing their friends to the elements of life and nature. This winter so far here in Brighton the cold has taken the lifes of 10 homeless people which is a disgrace. Some of these people where looking for help yet they had no local connection so they had to suffer in vain.
     I have been sleeping outside myself even though I did this journey I have no local connection and understand everything.
     The coldest temperture here has been -7oC. This not much compared to some places I have been on my journey. No much wonder many homeless people have to sqawt buildings to get out of the cold. Yet even if they do this then they are not classified as being homeless.
     I must admit I cannot wait until the summer again because by hook or by crook I am going to be creating my art on Brighton seafront where it really belongs since this is the birth place of my art.
     Maybe one day this book will happen so I can make a difference or maybe I can get that funding to start up my ownn homeless charity that actually does care about helping those who need help. Many homeless come to Brighton to get help and to get away from alcohol and drug addiction but because they have no local connection they don't get the chance to change. Maybe in the future I can help make this happen and I can give people a chance to go on tour with me again to help change their lifes around forever.


  1. Hi! Dr G! cant belive u got a blog man! Its me Jannicke! i cant wait for the summer either. the winter has been and i guess it still is hard. I will be back in the summer to see ur art work! take care of yourself xxx Janni

  2. Hi! iknow the winter has been bad! But the summer is on the way! i didnt knew u had a blog and all those youtube clips! I hope u r okey. I will be back for the summer and see your art work. take care xx Janni