Monday, 24 February 2014


Checkout this rock balancing video created on New Road Brighton UK.


Check out this simple rock balancing video created in Brighton UK.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Lucky Postcards

Here above are photos of lucky pebbles/stones I found and strung them up on a railing. If these poscards are bought then I think the luck should be past on to someone else. The funding I raise from selling these postcards will be going to set up The New Seen Destination.
A charity to help and enspire our homeless and ex homeless to have a go at creating a new life for themselves for life is too short.

Buy this gift set and help me help others as I try and set up my own charity through art to help those less fortunate in life. Who knows where this could lead them maybe even into The New Seen Destination.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Check out what Brighton council did to Dr Geebers

 Yes believe it or not when you are against the grain of life then everyone likes to kick you when your down.

I was a homeless person who was creating art to survive on the streets. 

I was also an alcoholic at the start who drunk everyday.

Yet to try and stop I used my art and my brains to complete one hell of a coastal journey around the British coastline.

This journey was not planned and only really started 400 miles into it.
I even thought more people would of got involved with me to make this book happen but unfortunately not.

Like many people I know who where born in the UK they don't want accommodation because of to many rules that normal people do not encounter.
Would you want to stay in a homeless hostel with loads of junkies, drunks and most of all no visitors. Probably not and I know for sure I don't.


Well to be honest I have seen many things in life that most people don't get to see.
For me I can say this and some say to me grow up.
I was living in a homeless hostel and heard my father had went into an accoma.
I wanted to speak at his death bed because I had things I wanted to say to him face to face.
I was living in a Salvation army hostel at the time.
I asked the Major very po-lightly for help with getting me home to N.Ireland.
He said no because they thought I wanted the money for drugs.
This really bugged me and happens to many other homeless people too.
At one time I believed in God and what Jesus was all about.
Then I learned that God was just something someone had collaborated to give people hope.
Well everyone needs to believe in something to be someone.
Yet when the Major turned me down and I could not be at my own fathers death bed then I started reliving this moment all the time hoping for one day there would be a better outcome.. 

Ring ring "I think your dads just died mate. Sorry G".
Not the best phone call to get in the world.
Yet the Christians think they are doing people a favour when really all they is running is a highly profitable businesses .
Housing benefit for a room is ridiculously priced because there buildings in the middle of the town or city.
Why not sell the buildings and buy better premisses outside town or city where follow on accommodation is part of what they do.
Not giving people restrictions no alcohol, drugs, or visitors.
Once you get into these kind of places then you are better of going to prison. At least u got tv in your cell, radio, and a play station to mess with. This is better than any hostel that I have ever been in. Even I am contemplating getting nicked just to go to prison again and thats what many of us do.

Even though I walked the coast of the UK to help homeless charities but they do not care. They are all businesses set up to make sure homeless people always has adictions.  
Even as I started creating my art I had no funding or anything just a dream.
What a dream to have just a pity I am never going to be able to see it ever create me a wage but then again money does not make my world go round. Putting smiles on faces can never be bought and when you see someone smile then you know you have made their day for free.
Now this is what I am about and if I can get the support to set up my own charity in the future that actually deals with getting accommodation without all the red tape then it needs to be done.
Why I say this is because this winter in Brighton 18 homeless people lost their lives on the street. Some due to drink, others drugs but most died from the cold.
I thought at one time I was going to be one of these statistics. But now I am lucky I am on benefits because the charities forced me to get a place and its a shit hole. I am not allowed visitors or guests. I got to pay top up even though the place is not worth living in.
Yet I did not get to choose where I want to live.
This is what happens so better of becoming a travelling artist even though I want to give Brighton now that it is a city a determined loose pebble sculptor that came from the street to become someone but like I said its only a dream which will never happen unless I leave the UK and go on a mission around the world or simply just give up on everything I have done.
Brighton even got rid of me one week before the fringe arts festival the biggest arts festival in Europe. The centre of art culture and all that. What a joke. Brighton is the same as everywhere else. They help the world come to Brighton and those who study here or are born here really have to go abroad to try and get a better life and career.
You will never be able to get one in this country because it is geared up to help criminals from all over the world come here and front what they do with no consideration for anyone who pays taxes and wants to become someone who cares.

Keep watching this space and maybe one day my book will get published but at the moment I do not have the funding and I can't seem to get any of the homeless charities involved because they are to busy helping out other homeless people get nowhere.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

My Latest display at Blackrock Brighton 2013

Here I took on another homeless man from Scotland and gave him a chance to be part of this unique experience of creating art with me at Blackrock Brighton.
The man was an alcoholic who ended up reducing and stopping his drinking as he worked with me for nothing on this display.
None of us where on benefits and where relying on the public liking our artwork.
He pick up every stone/pebble in this display and I balanced them into place.
To make such a display you have to find the right materials that look like what your going to create.
You never know how anything is going to turn out and what the weather will do to what you create.
We had to buy the bags for life to carry the stones in from what we earned and where donated tents/sleeping bags and sometimes food by the general public to create it.
After 26 days we where given an eviction notice for having tents up and sleeping on the beach.
This to me wasn't right because we where actually doing something for free that could of been a tourist attraction.

This is what had changed my life around from being homeless to being a travelling artist yet I didn't have the funding like big artists did.
I never went to university and never really seemed to fit into society until a drunken bet on the streets of Brighton changed my life forever.
Even though I create these masterpieces that no one can buy because they are free standing like a sand sculpture, it doesn't mean I am a real artist.

Many children want to be like me because they say I am living the dream but the reality is different.
I am only someone who is trying to survive in life by creating what I love for free.
I know what it is like to have no money and how hard it is to beat poverty in the UK.
Many people would not know how hard it is to do what I do and how much abuse I sometimes have to take while creating my art.

I thought this display a rock band made out of rocks/pebbles would be good for The BIGGEST Arts Festival in England but I was wrong.
Some people loose faith in what they do and in this occasion I did.
After spending 26 days from morning to night in a tent and public people helping us get clothes washed, bring us hot meals and most of all praise us for creating the finest piece of art they had ever seen what would you do?
I thanked them of course for helping us out and then the council decide to give us an eviction notice for having tents up and trying to better our life's
I cannot believe this display hit the national papers and did not believe the person who said it did.
Why because I no big artist am just a bum to many that should have a real job.
Yet why should I work in someone's garden when I can create my art for everyone to see like a chalk artist or a musician.
I do not have the funding to pay for a spot to do my art in Brighton which is the birthplace of my art and it could also benefit many local charities in the future especially homeless ones because we need these places.
Many people rely on these places but the homeless hostels are not for me because I am a creative person who wants to help and not waist away waiting to get into somewhere I have been before.
Here is the link below that was on The Daily Mail website below.
Sorry that I lost my temper and destroyed what I created but if the council was getting rid of us then why should I let them benefit from the public coming to see my display.
I had children adding their own art pieces and foreign students and teachers  putting pebbles and stones into it also so they could remember their visit to Brighton.
I have grown to love this place and regard it as home but it looks like any beach is my real home now.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Brighton 2013 new art

Brighton Butterfly

Brighton new display just a pity someone of the clubbers decided to wreck it. This was after I had a big pot of gold added to the end of the right hand side of the rainbow at top. 

New Brighton Seagull created to show i'm back and ready to create more unbelievable art  for Brighton in the summer. This is if the council will let me.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Petition To Get A Permanant Spot In Brighton To Create Live Art

Click the link below and sign my petition to try and get a permanant spot in Brighton to create live art.
I walked the whole coast of the UK from Brighton - Brighton through all weathers without the right equipment.
I walked 6800 miles, created art on 44 beaches and moved over 1000 tonnes of pebbles and stones to create huge loose pebble sculptures to help people like myself who is homeless.
Many homeless will benefit from me in the future as our homeless charities need my help and maybe in the future I can give out oppertunities to others to live the dream also.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Having Trouble

     Due to many setbacks in life and things going wrong again. The man cannot do what he set out to do. Yet I am an artist and not a homeless person. Even so many artists end up homeless due to things going wrong in their lifes. Not everyone can handle living with an artist because we all seem to get lost in our ways.
     Many people relapse in life and have to go through the hardship of loosing their friends to the elements of life and nature. This winter so far here in Brighton the cold has taken the lifes of 10 homeless people which is a disgrace. Some of these people where looking for help yet they had no local connection so they had to suffer in vain.
     I have been sleeping outside myself even though I did this journey I have no local connection and understand everything.
     The coldest temperture here has been -7oC. This not much compared to some places I have been on my journey. No much wonder many homeless people have to sqawt buildings to get out of the cold. Yet even if they do this then they are not classified as being homeless.
     I must admit I cannot wait until the summer again because by hook or by crook I am going to be creating my art on Brighton seafront where it really belongs since this is the birth place of my art.
     Maybe one day this book will happen so I can make a difference or maybe I can get that funding to start up my ownn homeless charity that actually does care about helping those who need help. Many homeless come to Brighton to get help and to get away from alcohol and drug addiction but because they have no local connection they don't get the chance to change. Maybe in the future I can help make this happen and I can give people a chance to go on tour with me again to help change their lifes around forever.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Homeless charity does not give homeless man sleeping bag even though they have some

I cannot believe that a homeless charity in Brighton has in place an allication system for sleeping bags for the homeless.
I am currently once again living on the streets of Brighton.
I went to Antifreeze to get a sleeping bag because all my belongings where stolen.
This included the new sleeping bag I had for two weeks.
When I asked them for another they said no.
I could only get one in two months time or three a year.
This was appalling on my behave as I had to sleep outside in the cold with no bedding.
I thought walking the coast was hard enough.
But to finish such of an incredable journey then find someone who really loved me but couldn't cope with the fact I was bringing no money into the household.
We split up and I am back to square one.
I do believe that if a homeless charity has sleeping bags and someone needs one then they should be aloud to hand them out.
No one in this day and age should be treated like this.
So much for them being a Christian charity.
I even told them what I was trying to do about writing my book.
They still said sorry but no.
This pissed me off and has really mentally scared me for life.
Homeless people do not have much in life.
The they refuse to help them when they are a piroity case.
I have even lost 37 chapters of my book.
I now believe I wish I had never ever said I was going to attempt this journey.
No homeless charity deserves to be helped out by anyone.
It is ok though if you are an addict because all they do is use the services to get as much for free as possible.
Me I was trying to better my life and sacraficed myself to do a journey without funding.
I couldn't get homeless charities involved with what I was doing either.
Now this has made me more determined to stand up and say something.
I beleve it is time to think to the future as an artist and look at opening my own charity to help combat homelessnes where the charity actually help homeless people who really want help.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Dr Geebers The Pebbleman doing rock balancing at Worthing 2012

Here is a short film someone has created to show that it is not only loose pebble sculptures I can create but also well balanced rocks.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Brighton & Hove 2012

Check out these latest photos of my latest creation at Hove

How does one actually freestand round smooth pebbles to create another remarkable display for everyone to see.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Squatters Beware

This is a message to all squatters in the UK.
Or to anyone who is coming to the UK.
I change in the law means that you cannot occupy anywhere that has been adapted for RESIDENTIAL USE
= This also could mean empty CARE HOMES
You could result in getting a £5000 fine
or 6 months prison sentence
or even both.
Please forward this to as many people as possible.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Looking For A Sponcer Who Would Like To Help Promote Me In The Future

I'm at Worthing creating balancing rock art while taking the time to write my book about me walking the coast of the UK creating loose pebble sculptures on beaches.
I do believe now I am a travelling artist just traveling around creating art in many different little places which make people smile.
My lastest lot of art was captured by The Worthing Journal and they did a small write up about me.
Even though my journey of walking the coast is over people still love seeing me creating live art.
Live art using pebbles ans stones should be more used to promote beaches or seaside resorts that do not have sand.
Big massive displays using 100's of tonnes of pebbles and stones which is not permanent should be more reconized.
I hope people from around the world get to see this blog and a sponcer comes forward with a chance to back me.
I know such an art format like my own could raise serious money for big charities and also could create jobs in the future.
Yet until I can get a sponcer involved with what I do then I cannot go forward and be the artist I've always wanted to be.
If anyone knows of such charities or places where I can get sponcership or a way forward for a proper tour in the future then please contact me at all your letters will be read and answered ASAP.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Rock Balancing at Worthing 2012

Here is some photos of me creating balancing stone act at Worthing 2012.
There is no glue used to put these crazy structures together.

These are all balanced with gravity.

Some of these balanced stacks took up to three hours to create.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Worthing rock balancing

This is me at Worthing creating some rock balancing acts for everyone to enjoy while I sit and write my book about my homeless awearness walking tour 2009 - 2011.