Monday, 6 February 2012

Finding it tough going.

                        You may think it is an easy task writing about a journey you have undertaking, but its not that easy. Even though I know there is a book to be written about this journey, I am struggling to write it. Now I know what it is like to have writers block. Yet I have all the materials to do this and still cannot come up trumps. I cannot afford to bring in a professional writer to do this and do not know anyone who would be willing to help such a book to be created, published or has the time to do such a thing.
                        Everyone has to earn a living somehow and it is even harder when you are always caught up in a catch twenty-two situation. I am no longer homeless due to meeting someone and I have no income coming in to carry on writing and creating miniature art pieces. I cannot seem to find a way to even sell my art on the web also due to personal problems. Sorry for the inconvenience and to all those people who supported me on this journey of a lifetime.
                         I will still carry on writing this story and maybe in the future the book can happen. Now I have to see if I can find a job that is going to pay my way in life. This easier said than done as I lack qualifications to do many jobs.
                         I love creating my sculptures and travelling. I love meeting people and putting smiles on their faces. I love giving inspiration to others. Yet I also want to have a normal life and be happy. At least I can say I lived the dream for a short period of time and was proud to attempt such a journey. Maybe I can do such a journey again, or take two or three down on their luck people and give them a chance to be noticed as artists and not down and outs. Who knows.
                         For me at the moment it looks like my dream is over.
                         Thank you everyone.

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