Friday, 26 October 2012

Homeless charity does not give homeless man sleeping bag even though they have some

I cannot believe that a homeless charity in Brighton has in place an allication system for sleeping bags for the homeless.
I am currently once again living on the streets of Brighton.
I went to Antifreeze to get a sleeping bag because all my belongings where stolen.
This included the new sleeping bag I had for two weeks.
When I asked them for another they said no.
I could only get one in two months time or three a year.
This was appalling on my behave as I had to sleep outside in the cold with no bedding.
I thought walking the coast was hard enough.
But to finish such of an incredable journey then find someone who really loved me but couldn't cope with the fact I was bringing no money into the household.
We split up and I am back to square one.
I do believe that if a homeless charity has sleeping bags and someone needs one then they should be aloud to hand them out.
No one in this day and age should be treated like this.
So much for them being a Christian charity.
I even told them what I was trying to do about writing my book.
They still said sorry but no.
This pissed me off and has really mentally scared me for life.
Homeless people do not have much in life.
The they refuse to help them when they are a piroity case.
I have even lost 37 chapters of my book.
I now believe I wish I had never ever said I was going to attempt this journey.
No homeless charity deserves to be helped out by anyone.
It is ok though if you are an addict because all they do is use the services to get as much for free as possible.
Me I was trying to better my life and sacraficed myself to do a journey without funding.
I couldn't get homeless charities involved with what I was doing either.
Now this has made me more determined to stand up and say something.
I beleve it is time to think to the future as an artist and look at opening my own charity to help combat homelessnes where the charity actually help homeless people who really want help.


  1. How can this be. I was homeless, then walked the coast of the UK to write a book to help aid homeless charities yet to be honest they do not actually care about anyone except their own wages. This is just one example of christian organisations not caring about their own people.
    Maybe in the future I can set up a non christian charity that actually wants to help homelessness and beat poverty here in the UK and around the world.

  2. Dear Dr.
    Maybe you remember meeting me and my lady on the Strand in 2009.
    We gave you some food and drink, and you said I had Charisma! Bless you....I was sent by the real Christ, not by the Christian churches who have lost their way!
    I hope you are keeping as well as you can. May He bless you and watch over you and all those on the streets, you are closer to him than you will ever know. Love Charlie.