Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Looking For A Sponcer Who Would Like To Help Promote Me In The Future

I'm at Worthing creating balancing rock art while taking the time to write my book about me walking the coast of the UK creating loose pebble sculptures on beaches.
I do believe now I am a travelling artist just traveling around creating art in many different little places which make people smile.
My lastest lot of art was captured by The Worthing Journal and they did a small write up about me.
Even though my journey of walking the coast is over people still love seeing me creating live art.
Live art using pebbles ans stones should be more used to promote beaches or seaside resorts that do not have sand.
Big massive displays using 100's of tonnes of pebbles and stones which is not permanent should be more reconized.
I hope people from around the world get to see this blog and a sponcer comes forward with a chance to back me.
I know such an art format like my own could raise serious money for big charities and also could create jobs in the future.
Yet until I can get a sponcer involved with what I do then I cannot go forward and be the artist I've always wanted to be.
If anyone knows of such charities or places where I can get sponcership or a way forward for a proper tour in the future then please contact me at drgeebersthepebbleman@hotmail.co.uk all your letters will be read and answered ASAP.

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