Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bexhill-On-Sea 2011

What an incredable journey so far.

What a lovely place to create such beauty even though I was not going to create anything here.

Thought it would be nice to create something small even though the colours of the stones where amazing.

People kept saying I wish we knew you where coming.

It was hard work trying to covince people what you where actually doing was true because most people do not trust homeless people and this was a homeless awearness journey.

Even so I enjoyed it so far and was not giving up. My body was shattered and my mind a mess.
Yet I had created another small display.
This took 3 days and about 5 tonnes of pebbles and stones went into it.
Thank you to all those people at Bexhill-On-Sea who helped me out and hopefully I will all see you again in the future sometime.

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