Monday, 9 January 2012

John o Groats pebble/stone sculpture 2010

John"O"Groats the top end of Scotland. What an unbelieveable journey. As you can see from the picture below balancing is in my blood along with sculpture.

This place had biggger material to work with which didn't do much for me because detail is what I was after.

Yet I must admit I think I did the Scots proud once again.

One big massive double decked boat with outboad engines and an octopus as well.

This display took over 10 days to create.

At least 10 - 15 tonnes of stones was moved to create this.

As you can see the wind was as powerful as ever.

I was actually freezing creating this because it is always windy up in Scotland even though the views are great.

What a display?

A lo of work went into this even though not many people got to see it.

Thank you to the German man who stopped and picked up some stones for me and also to the man from Brazil. Also thank you to all those people who helped me out with dinner on the camp site and to the local burger van man for some free breakfasts. Thank you everyone and respect to you all.

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