Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Biggest Display Ever Sheringham 2011 (part 2)

This was one unique display. The rock bad below.

Then I came up with the idea of creating this huge beast.
Yes a thirty-five foot long lobstar.

Even though the rock band looked wicked.

Then a crab twenty foot round two foot high.

Yet the lobstar was the most awesome by a long shot.

It was that big it was hard getting a good shot of it altogether.

Even the beauty here at nightime was stunning.

This photo surely shows the sheer scale of this display two hundred foot long, thirty-five foot high and four foot at its highest point.

Look at this for a sky and it wasn't even summer yet.

I even found a punk rocker child laying on the beach.

I could not believe that I actually created this the far best display ever eith awesome respect from everyone.

All the stooping and bending was taking it's tole on my body and physically I was hurting yet carried on.

At least sometimes it was nice to sitdown on the job.

The most rewarding part of it is seeing the expressions on peoples faces as you create magic.

Even the young children where amazed by what I could create out of beach pebbles and stones.

Yet all the visiters from Cromer like the crab.

Me I loved it all and everyone who helped me here. This was truely one magnifacent place with so much history its unbelievable. Thank you to all those people who came out in support and to the locals for giving me a chance to create magic there. Respect to you all.

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