Monday, 26 December 2011

Loose Pebble Display At Amroth 2009

This loose pebble display created by hand on a beach as part of my first ever walking homeless awearness tour of U.K. coastline.

This diplay took six weeks to create on a beach in the coldest winter in the U.K. for forty years. I was living in a tent and it was cold.

All pebbles and stones used in this display where found on the beach. No materials where brought to the beach. There was no cement or sand used to create this.

This display was created to show Santa and the Snowman stranded on some rocks with water all around. The outside edge is to repersent mountains with snow on them.

This Santa feel down on me twelve times yet I would not give up on my first ever pebble/stone xmas display at such a lovely place.

People thought I was a bit crazy doing what I did but I was loving it. Creating history on a beach in really bad conditions. If anyone wants to attempt such a journey please make sure to get the right training. Don't do what I did because it is very dangerous and very hard to get the help you need to succeed.

This whole display has about forty to fifty tonnes of pebbles and stones moved by hand, no wheel barrows. The only tools used on the whole journey was recyled shoping bags. The money spent on these where going to help charites which was good in my eyes.

This is my christmas tree and even some of the local people could not believe what I was doing. Some had never seen a homeless person before and could not understand or believe me when I said I was attempting this journey of my own back. Thank you everyone who helped me here and hopfully my book will happen and many other homeless people get help in the future from this crazy journey.

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