Friday, 1 June 2012

The start of the coastal walk tour which was not the start 2009 - 2011

This video is about me talking about me walking away from Brighton in 2009 to sort my life out.
I tried this many times before to no avail and always messed up at the first hurdle.
Then again people said your only doing what you do to become famous, I knew this was not the case.
I was only doing this because I have an addictive personality which can be a nightmare to control.
So I knew my journey was going to be a struggle.
Not only that I also knew that many people would not believe one man under such a daft name was going to out and attempt to do something with nothing for nothing.
All money raised was for me to enjoy the journey as much as possible and supply the items that I needed. Remember I had no back up, no funding, no kit when I set off only determanation to succeed.
Yes succeed in sticking to my rule of no drinking to after five at night. That is after I use to drink five bottles of brandy a day. People loved my art that much they even went out of their way to buy these for me when I was doing my art. Sometimes I had to rob my own or bust with my poetry rhymes to raise funding for my addiction which was in my head.

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