Saturday, 28 January 2012

Next few days

                   Over the next few days I am going to be putting up loads of photos on my Pebblestone Art 4 U blog. Sorry no one can actually buy this stuff yet. I am having technical difficulties at present. Once solved then these items will be put up for grabs.
                   The best piece so far is a bumble bee that took 2 weeks to create. It is my first sculptured tea-candle holder. Both wings hold one tea-candle in each.
                   I have now found a fabric shop willing to give me their plast rolls which makes perfect stands for my art. Even recycling these to me is a bonus.
                   Hoping in the future to get more shops involved in selling what I am creating. Yet the beach is still the place for me so I can still keep spreading my joy to everyone.
                   Thank you to everyone who has supported me and now starting to follow this blog. If it wasn't for all of you people then this crazy man would still be homeless. Thank you.
                   Now can I make my art even better and cooler so I can help people who are in the same situation that I have been in. Create jobs or even take them on the same journey as myself so they can live the dream and get their lives back on track again.
                   That is what one child said to me at Stokes Bay, Gossport. "Heah mate I wish I was YOU". "Why?" "Because you living the dream man". He had a house and I had a sleeping in a sleeping bag. I look back at that and realised that he could be the next homeless person. Would I want that to happen to him? Don't think so.
                   I am a very proud man but that does not make me an artist. Yet real art comes from the soul. I have dreampt of these moments but never thought they would happen. Now all my dreams are coming true slowly but surely. Thank you for believing in me and respect to you all.

                   Remember to see all what I have for people to buy in the future is on my Pebblestone Art 4 U blog please enjoy.

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