Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Pictures Taken Of The Jocks Bay Display in Scotland

This was my attempt of a free standing lighthouse made from pebbles and stones at Jocks Bay Scotland. The lighthouse stood about 3 foot high.

This is the boat I created at Jocks bay with the whale along side which got me an artical in the Scottish Big Issue.

This is a photo of the fish shape stone I selected for putting in the mouth of the big whale.

Here is a photo of the whole display which took an amazing 6 weeks to complete out in the middle of nowhere. See the way I took in the landscape and introduced it into this picture . There is on average at least 20 tonnes if not more pebbles and stones man handled on this beach to create this master piece.

Here is another shot of the whale and boat with the grey/bue stones repersenting the water with even white water around the boat and whale.
Thank you all those people who stopped here to see me and to Koda woof woof.

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