Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Dr Geebers The Pebbleman Christmas Display At Amroth Beach

This was me 1000 miles into a journey that I did not set out to do. It just happened with no training or sponcership.

Yes this is one of many videos and photos that where taken of me on one of the most craziest artistical journeys in U.K. history.

This amazing christmas display was created on a beach in the coldest winter in 40 years. The tempertures got down as far as -10oC while living in a tent. 

The display itself took 6 weeks to complete through rain,hail,frost and snow. It included a snowman, Santa Claus and a christmas tree with mountains all around creating a harbour scene. About 40 tonnes of pebbles and stones where hand moved by myself to create this piece. No cement or sand was used. Every pebble and stone was balanced perfectly to make this happen.

A big thank you has to be said to everyone there for making this happen. If it wasn't for their support like many places throughout the U.K. coast then my journrey would never of happened.

Please enjoy.

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