Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Homeless Awearness Walking Sculpture Tour

Here is a small video put together to show people what one man has done to change his life round for the better.
It is a Homeless Awareness Walking Tour of the UK coastline.
Yeah one man one mission which started from a drunken bet turned into an amazing challenge.
Please feel free to comment.
Even though I hit a few newspapers on my journey and local TV stations no homeless charities wanted to get involved with what I was doing because I was homeless.
Now the journey is completed and I am no longer homeless I still finding it difficult to get homeless charities involved with this project.
How are homeless people meant to change their lives around when even the charities don't seem to care.
I had no benefits to help me out because I was on the move.
I had no source of income coming in either.
I had nowhere to live at the start.
Yet creating my art gave me hope that maybe one day I could help other people who are struggling in life a chance to do something.
Once the book is finished then I am willing to do the journey again to promote the book and maybe take 2 0r 3 people with me to help change their lives around.
Only this time it would be nice to get sponsorship or some backing from homeless organisations to make this all happen.

If you are interested in what I do and believe that a big UK tour could happen again. Please do not hesitate to email

I believe in what I do and know that a lot of people want help and need help here in the UK and around the world.
Maybe just maybe in the future I can provide that opportunity through art to help myself and everyone around me beat poverty.

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